The "Becky Thatcher" docked at Marietta, Ohio

Riverview Calibration Services, Ltd., is a nationally recognized company. We are located in the Ohio River Valley near Belpre, Ohio just across the river from Parkersburg, West Virginia. Established in May of 1998, we are excited about entering our 18th year of proudly serving clients who are within the polymer and plastic manufacturing industry and major suppliers to the automotive industry.

Riverview Calibration Services is a Full Scope Calibration Company. Accredited to ANSI/ISO/IEC 17025:05 by the American Association of Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) Certificate Number 1331-01 Calibration. See complete Scope at

This laboratory offers commercial dimensional testing, sample evaluation and calibration services. Field calibration service is available for this calibration and this laboratory meets A2LA R104 – General Requirements: Accreditation of Field Testing and Field Calibration Laboratories for these calibrations.  Please note the actual measurement uncertainties achievable on a customer's site can normally be expected to be larger than the CMC found on the A2LA Scope. 

Allowance must be made for aspects such as the environment at the place of calibration and for other possible adverse effects such as those caused by transportation of the calibration equipment. The usual allowance for the actual uncertainty introduced by the item being calibrated, (e.g. resolution) must also be considered and this, on its own, could result in the actual measurement uncertainty achievable on a customer’s site being larger than the CMC.

We Accept

Certificate No. 1331-01 Calibration